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Here are a couple of simple rules to follow

Joining: To join you must check the join page for a character not being used. Then you must Email me who you wish to use. Remember first come first serve.

Actions:Actions in this game are based on our time line. Such as Training, Combat/Sparr, or Searching.

Training:You may train alone or with a partner. Your power and speed increases every 2 days of training.
When training with a master to learn an ability you do not gain PL or Speed and it may take several days. Check the Planet/Master page to see the masters and the days it takes. You are also allowed 5 abilities the ones you start with are included. Most of the moves you can learn require a certain PL to reach before you can obtain it.

Combat-You must Email me and the person you are changeling unless its an NPC(nonplayer character)on the Quest Page. I will then post the battle and the writer on the top of the Combat page. You then can send your move you wish to use to that person. Also don't go overboard on the moves or we will not use them. One more thing you can only battle once a week and they will be posted on Saturday.
Sparr-You only need to Email me the person you are sparring with and have them mail me.I will look at both character then decide the out come and tell who won.You may only do this 2 times a week

To search for an item it takes 5 days. Dragon balls not included
To search for a master on the planet it takes 5 days.
To Search for a planet it takes 2 weeks and you must have a group ship or pod.
To find a Dragon Ball it takes 10 days unless you have an item.
Travel to an area it take 5 days(Goku's House, Kami's Lookout, etc.)

Money:May be found or won in combat
$500 Won in a sparr
$750 Won in a battle
$200-$1000 Searched for

Dying: It takes 2 weeks to come back to life and you may search and train.

PL: Determines your base power
MaxPL:Determines your power with equiptment or changed forms
Speed: Determines who usually strikes first in combat

Tournament:What will happen? I will let you know when the time comes. Takes place every 1 months.

Dragon Balls Wishes:
Bring back some on who died only if they want a week sooner.
Max money no more than $50000
Double Stats(only once)
A learn a move from the area your at
Instant Teleport to any place
An item

You may not wish for:
To be invencible
The same wish more than once unless its the Namek Balls
No killing some one

Power Level Raisers:
+10% Training alone every 2 days
+20% Training with a partner every 2 days
+40% of opponents PL Win Sparr
+15% Loose Sparr
If there are more than 2 people and you loose +15% of that persons PL
If there are more than 2 people and you win +20% of each person PL
+55% Win of opponents PL Combat
+25% Loose Combat
+20% Kais Gravety Enhanced Planet every 2 days
+5% every 2 days training with a master
+10%of what you get for training with weighted clothing
+3 to speed every 2 days training
+2 to speed for loosing a combat
+6 to speed for wining combat
+1 to speed for loosing sparr
+4 to speed for winning sparr