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Ultimate Android #17 DBZ RPG
Item Shop


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You may only have one weapon and armor equipted at any time unless it is a set. Sets are marked with *s. The search items are at the bottom. The ones with numbers before them are special and take 10 days to search for unless it is the Fusion Earings, Zeal Sword,Celestial Sword, and Tree of Might Seed they take 20 days each.


Walk Stick:$500
*Waighted Clothing: $700
*Waighted Boots/Wrist Bands:$200
Namek Waighted Cloths: $1500
Saya-jin Heavy Armor: $2000
Saya-jin Light Armor: $3000
Saya-jin Space Pod: $1000
Capsul Corp. Ship: $3000
Gravity Enhancment
Level 1: $500
Level 2: $1000
Hover Car:$1000
Dragon Ball Radar:$1500
Forget Pill:$100
Speed Pill:$500
*Android Arm:$1000
*Android Improved Body:$2000
*Android Legs:$600
Human Worker:$600
Train Center:$750per use



Dr.Gero's Secret Lab:
Android Arms
Android Body
Android Legs
Android Worker

Kami's Lookout:
Sensu Bean Pouch
1)Yajarobie Katana

Goku's House:
1)Power Pole
1)Nimbus Cloud
Weighted Clothing
Weighted Bands/Boots

7)Dragon Balls
2)Fusion Earings
1)Zeal Sword
1)Tree of Might Seed
Tree of Might Fruit

Namek Weighted Clothing
7)Namek Dragon Balls
1)Piccolo's Weighted Clothing
Namek Group Ship

Sayian Heavy Armor
Saiyian Light Armor
5)Sayian Expanding Armor
Sayian Space Pod

Planet Freeza:
Freeza Group Ship

Next Dimension:
10)Yamah Fruit
1)Celestial Sword


+20%PL-Only use with Swordmen Ship
+15%PL-Only use with Swordmen Ship
+10%PL -2speed-All Except Androids
+5%PL -1speed-All Except Androids
+25%PL -3Speed All Except Androids
+35%PL -3Speed
+45%PL -1Speed
Holds 1 Person:Travel to planet in 1 week
Holds 5 People:Travel to planet in 1 week

Train +15%PL
Train +25%PL
Get to an area in half time
Find Dragon Ball in half time
Find Master in half time
Allows You to forget an ability
+3 Speed
Take and you die.
+15%PL-Androids Only
+25%PL-Androids Only
+5%PL +10Speed-Android Only
Only use once-send to look for regular item: PL 500
+30%PL only use 2 days a week chance of death

Random amout of sensu beans 2-10 +10%PL
+25%PL -2Speed must have swordsmen ship

PL +35% -1Speed
Get to a area in 2 days

1 wish if have all 7
Stay fused all battle
+50%PL -3Speed must have swordsmenship
Produce 5 fruit-can't eat more than 2-destroys
planet-+50%PL fruit

3 wishes if have all 7
+55PL -4Speed

5)Used in Oozaru Form-Only Sayians-+45%PL

+25%PL (can only search for one every 2 weeks
+40%PL -2Speed Must have swordsmenship to use

Group Cost: $6000 You must send me the name of the group and then I will provide you with a Group Ship.