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Trunks' totally sweet DBZ/GT RPG


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any joiner who doesnt send me this info will not be added to my RPG:
1) your character(make sure he/she is not takenon the join page)
2) the email you will use
3) what your character starts with(on the join page)
4) where your character will start
5) a starting action(training, searching, master training, buying)

NOTICE: any joiner who has these things will be added the day i read the join app.

1) you can only be one character and thats it.

2) your character will start with 4000 PL, 30 SP, and 2000 zanos if you have items, 3000 zanos if you have no items

3)henchmen start with 2000 PL and 10 SP no money and two certain moves for each race. henchmen and are to be treated as a person. if you dont let them rest every so often they will run away and you lose a henchmen. also, if they have items or zanos when they run away you will lose those items and zanos. if they have rare items they will be taken away by me and made searchable again.

4) battles and spars will be once a week(on saturadys) and until i get battle writers i will only write the outcome of the battle. also, you cannot have a battle and spar in the same week. also, you cannot spare peoples lives in battle, either you die or live and thats the way it is. for your info, a spar is just a group training to simulate an actual battle but there is no intensional killing. you can die in sparrs by saya-jin when they go oozaru unless they have the ability to control it. you'll understand when the time comes.

5) you can form a team if youd like but it will cost you(the leader of the team) 8000 zanos. with that zanos you acquire a team name, a team ship, and one of the planets to make your home planet.

6) if the time comes when all planets have been taken by a team and you wish to form a team and have a planet, your starting members must fight the members of that team that are the closest match to you PL.(so if you start with five members, five members of the other team will have to protect their planet. in this situation nobody will be killed). whoever loses must make a planet name and have that planet be their home(the planet you make has no searchable items). also you get to choose which planet you want to try and take over.

7) you cannot choose earth or namek as a teams home planet because they have dragonballs on them.

8) if you die you are sent to the Next Dimension(ND) and have to progress to the Home of Infinite Losers(HFIL,in other words its Hell). you can die again while in either area but, if this happens you are sent to the planet you died on with 1/3 of your PL, no items or zanos.

9) Teams must monitor their members actions, if they are resting i will not inform anyone, i will just delete them.

10) in this rpg days are just like ours do. so if your searching, training, or learning days go by like normal days.

11) if you wish make a team you can create your own Message Board(MB) for your team. you will have to do this yourself, i will not supply one for your team. i suggest you create a MB at

12) as the leader of a team you can allow people to join or kick people out of your team. you can only have ten people per team and if you want to kick somebody out of your team you have to sneak attack them and kill them. if there is more than one person you want to kick out of your team you have to do it in seperate sneak attacks.

13) if you wish to battle somebody you have to email me who you want to battle. you do not need the permission from the person(s) you want to battle to battle him or her. in spars you do need permission from the person(s) in the spar to spar with them.

14) i will occasionally have contests to win zanos, a normal item, or speed training. speed training is equal to one week worth of time and can be used to take off time from training or learning. it can also be used to train for an entire week in one day.

15) people who join and say they want to be a battle writer get to make an original character. people who join, play for awhile, and then want to be a battle writter dont get this privilege.

16) if you fail to give me actions for one week without a reason to why im not getting actions your character will be deleted.

17) training with partners will increase your PL and SP further to 600PL and 4SP per training.

18) if nobody wants to spar you or battle you you can request to spar or fight a NPC(non player character). master traininers are the NPC's therefore you must be in the right area to spar or battle them. theyre PL and SP is equal to yours and they have the same moves too.

19) you can have people or henchmen help you search for any item. you can only have 2 people or henchmen help search and each one takes two days off the search.

Action rules

1) it takes between 2 days and 14 days to search for normal items.

2) it takes 2 weeks to search for rare items and there is a limited amount of them.

3) it takes 3 weeks to search for the earth dragonballs and 4 weeks to search for the namek dargonballs. for those who dont know, you can make one wish with the earth dragonballs and three wishes with the namek dargonballs.

4) you can train with a master to learn the move he teaches and when training is complete you learn that move and can use it in battle.

5) battling or sparing doesn't interupt any action you are doing at the time of the battle or spar.

6) buying items from the item shop takes one day. selling also takes one day and giving items to no time at all(can give items even if your on different planets or sub sections).

7) it takes two days to train and when training is complete you get +500PL and.

8) in spars you get 15% of the persons PL you defeat, 10% of your own PL if you tie with a person, and 5% of your PL if you lose. in battles you get 20% of the persons PL you defeat, 15% of your PL for a tie with a person, and and 10% of your PL if you lose.
9) you can train with anyone in the game no matter if they are on the same planet as you or not think of it as the phs on final fantasy 7.

Dragonball Wishes

1) you can wish for 2X your PL. 6X with all 3 namek dagonballs

2) you can wish to learn a move from the planet your on(ex: you can take all dragonballs to a different planet and make the wish there). 5 moves with all 3 dragonballs

3) you can wish for 25,000 zanos or less(but who'd want to do that). or 75,000 zanos with all 3 namek dragonballs

4) you can wish to kill someone if they are in ND or Hell. 3 people with the namek dragonballs(takes all 3 wishes)

5) you can wish to steal somebody's item form them but only one so make it good. 3 items with the namek dragonballs(takes all 3 wishes). or just wish for any item you want pretty much.

6) if there is any other wishes you'd like then please email them to me and i ill decide if you can have it(sort of playing the role of the dragon)

Can't wish for these

1) to be invincible

2) to kill on the mortal plain

3) to have infinite wishes

4) to have the dragonballs after using them

5) more to come....

Subject to change as site progesses