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Trunks' totally sweet DBZ/GT RPG


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This is all that you need to know right now.


SSJ1 |can be done once PL goes over 300,000. only in battles and spars. 2X PL boost in battles or spars. can only be done if your about to die, PL is way lower than opponents, lots of opponents, or really mad.

Oozaru | once every 8th battle or spar. you go baserk without Control Oozaru(kill anyone and in spars).
2X to PL in battle or spar.


Super growth | just like Oozaru but every 4th battle or spar and you control yourself. 2X to PL in battle or spar.

Split form | once every 4th battle or spar. you split into 2 of yourself to increase effectiveness in battle or spar. no PL boost in battle or spar.


Icer1 | just like SSJ1 but can be done once PL goes over 400, 000. every 10th battle or spar. 3X to PL when in battle or spar.


Super form | Just like Icer1

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