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Trunks' totally sweet DBZ/GT RPG


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ok here's the rules anyone who gets all of the CORRECT answers to every question will receive any three attacks they wish
anyone to get half of them gets one db
anyone to get 1/4 of them gets 2000 zanos
and if you only get 1 right you get only one item from the item shoppe

what is inscribed above the handle of trunks sword
what are the names of the characters that are familier on the DBZ saga that never die in Z
in all how many fused characters are there throuigout the all the series DB, DBZ, and DBGT
what is the name of the planet nappa and vegeta stop at on there way to earth
in the Dragon Ball series what is the proper name for there money
what is goku's worste fear
what does a sayan never lose
how did elder gohan (goku's grandpa) die
what is radditz's PL at when he fights goku and piccolo
what is the biggest kiao ken BLAST that goku uses in Z and where does he use it
what is gohans pet dragons name
who is Launch
in DB what is the number Dragon Ball that goku beleives his grandfathers spirit lives in EX. #1, #2, #3, ect.
what is the name of the character that supplies the Z fighters with sensu beans

Cell | 7/14 | Gets one Dragon Ball