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Trunks' totally sweet DBZ/GT RPG


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Brolly vs. Trunks

on a warm and breezy spring day with birds of all kinds flying around making new nests for the long summer the tension of death ran over the land as the to feirce sayans were about to go head to head to determain the best of the two fighters "are you ready to meet your fate" yelled brolly across the battle feild "yes i am ready to defeat you" yelled trunks in a half smile as he drew his sword "you wish" said brolly to trunks with a similare half smile also spread across his face and with a flash both combatants were off punch for punch kick for kick the battle seemed evenly matched for both fighters "enough of these petty games brolly the warmup is over" with this said trunks seemingly out of nowhere summoned a black ring of thunderous energy "now it is time to end this" said trunks as he jumped through the portal and with blinding speed busted brolly in the head with the butt of his sword sending brolly hurtling towards the earth as brolly fell trunks with his arrogant attitude turned his back on the fight for i minor stretch when brolly stopped dead in mid air seeing this oppertunity charged up a large blast "LEGEND BEAM" and with extreme speed the blast rose to trunks and carried him several miles up into the air and with another black portal trunks was able to detach himself from a beam that surely could have killed him and with heavy breathing and a shaky voice "i underestimated you take noite this will not happen again brolly" "dually noted and i am to say the same to you trunks as you may be able to tell ive been training" then with enormous speed slamed trunks in the side of his head with a quick knee witch sent trunks flying into a nearby mountain "nice one brolly" and as they both took into combat again they were evenly matched even though trunks had a slight advantage with his sword the battle drug on until late into the night witch to both of their suprises was the night of a full moon you know what that would mean oozaru time as both competetors transformed into their oozaru forms trunks found he was to big to use his sword properly now with trunks' trump card now lost the battle seemed to take a turn for the worst for trunks as brolly thrashed and pounded trunks to the ground he was astounded to find how easy this was considering he had only been training for a week brolly kept up with his powerful thrashing of his opponent ending the fight with a swift uppercut which sent trunks flying inot a nearby mountain and when he landed it was as though he was suspended in mid air being caught within the rocks of the mountain then the oozarued brolly with an earth sattering primal scream shot a blast which disrupted the earth around it for miles and obliterated the mountain carrying trunks for several hundred feet leaving him uncontious and just as the sun rose the oozaru transformation was timed out and both combatants reverted back to their human forms just as brolly was about to deliver the final blow he turned around and flew off leaving trunks with an inch of life to crawl to a nearby town and heal for a while and as he walked away he muttered in an excaughsted voice what a pathetic welp next time i hope to fight a formitable opponent