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Trunks' totally sweet DBZ/GT RPG
Master Training


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11 TO 20 DAYS- 3000PL

21 TO 30 DAYS- 4000PL

31 TO 40 DAYS- 5000PL

41 TO 50 DAYS- 6000PL

Master training

Passive = always used
Special = signature move or fininsher
defense = used to buy time or defend yourself

Matser | Ability to learn
Power standing(time to learn)
Goku | Dragon punch | Dragon kick
Very powerful(21 days) | Powerful(18 days)

Teen gohan | masenko
Regular(14 days)

Adult gohan | Multi ki
Powerful(16 days)

Brolly | Legend beam | Alpha beam
Very Powerful(25 days) | Very powerful(23 days)

Trunks | Rapid ki | Big ki
Regular(15 days) | Powerful( 20 days)

Krillin | Distrocto disk | Control distructo disk
Regular(9 days) | Passive(14 days)

Tien | Tri ki | Tetra blast | Solar flare | Shishin no ken(4X of yourself) | shyoken(6 Extra arms)
Very powerful(17 days) | Regular(7 days) | Defense(9 days) | Spaecial(12 days) | Special(12 days)

Chau-zu | ESP
Special(15 days)

Yamucha | Souki dan | Wolf wind
Regular(10 days) | Special(19 days)
Master Rochi's island

Master Rochi | Kamehameha | Zanzoken
Powerful(17 days) | Passive(10 days)

Bulma | *Mechanics*
Passive(35 days)

Kami's lookout

Kami | +50% PL | *Instant transmission*
Passive(13 days) | Passive(28 days)

Mr. popo | *fly*
Passive(7 days)

Dr.Gero's laboratory

Dr. Gero | Ki absorb(need base system) | Android regen(both android only)
Passive(17 days) | Defense(13 days)

Android 16 | Rocket punch | Hell's flash(both android only)
Special(11 days) | Very powerful(27 days)

Android 17 | *Base system* | Trode(both android only)
Passive(17 days) | Very powerful(30 days)


Piccolo | Special beam cannon | Multi ki | Eye lazers | Split form | Grow | Regen
Powerful(17 days) | Regular(12 days) | Regular(8 days) | Passive(7 days) | Defense(11 days)(nameks and henchmen only) | Defense(11 days)(nameks and henchmen only)

Slug | Super growth
Defense(21 days)
Guru's mountain
Guru | 2X PL | 2X PL
Passive(23 days) | Passive(23 days)

Dende | Heal
Defense(16 days)

Nail | Nail gun
Very powerful(28 days)


King Vegeta | Control oozaru | Big bang | Tetra blast
Passive(23 days)(Saya-jins only) | Very powerful(30 days) | Regular(7 days)

Vegeta | Aster bomb(destroys planets) | Gallic gun | Final flash
Very powerful(50 days) | Very powerful( 35 days) | Very powerful(29 days)

Nappa | Mouth blast
Regular(10 days)

Radditz | Eye on the birdie | Ki sword
Regular(9 days) | Powerful(18 days)

Bardock | Moonshine | *psychee*
Defense(23 days)(Saya-jins only) | Defense(23 days)


Kaioshins | sword skill | 3X PL | *Hyper Form*
Passive(9 days) | Passive(40 days) | Passive(35 days) |


Yardratians | Fuse skill | Instant transmission
Defense(7 days) | Passive(28 days) 


King cold | Cold cannon | Cold shoulder
Very powerful(21 days) | Very powerful(25 days)

Koola | Eye lazers | Cold chill kill
Regular(8 days) | Very powerful(30 days)

Freeza | Death ball | Captive ball | Ki sphere | Freeza beam
Regular(11 days) | Very powerful(34 days) | Defense(21 days) | Regular(13 days)

Captain ginyu | Posing punch | Posing kick
Special(19 days) | Special(17 days)

Jeice | Red comet(need blue comet)
Special(21 days)

Baata | Blue comet(need red comet)
Special(21 days)

Guildo | Time freeze | *Ki snuff*
Special(24 days) | Special(33 days)

Recoome | Eraser gun
Powerful(19 days)

Next Dimension

Cell | *Assimilate(henchmen only)* | Kamikaze
Special(25 days) | Special(9 days)

Snake queen | *Lure*
Special( 21 days)

Snake way | +25% to PL
Passive(20 days) 

North Kai's planet

North kai | Spirit bomb | Kaioken
Very powerful(21 days) | Defense(21 days)

Bubbles | +25% to PL 
Passive(20 days)

Gregory | +25% to PL
Passive(20 days)

Home Of Infinite Losers(HFIL or HELL)

Blue ogre | +25% to PL
Passive(10 days)

Red ogre | +25% to PL
Passive(10 days)

Janemba | *Realm jump*
Defense(14 days)
Fat Buu | *Appitite*
special (21 days)

These are how i define what is between the asterisks just so you know now

this is an ability you can learn to duplicate rare items(only armor and weapons). to duplicate a rare item you must 1st: learn this ability and 2nd: search for blueprints to duplicate that rare item(which are on the planet that rare item originates from). You don't have to have the original in your possesion to duplicate it, just the blueprints to it. You can only duplicate one rare item a month but can use one armor duplicate and one weapon duplicate at the same time. You can only use duplicates in two battle or sparrs(then they break... hey, no copy is as good as an original, sorry) so choose when to use them wisely. Also, a duplicate doesnt boost PL or MaxPL, it gets its own PL bracket and doesn't go into affect untill you battle or sparr( you choose the battles or sparrs). One last thing, duplicates are only half the strength of the original.

*Instant transmission*
I think any self respecting DBZ/GT fan knows what this is so i'll keep this brief. this can only be used to go to the sub-sections of the planet your on or vice versa. this makes it to where it only takes one day to travel to a sub-section instead of five.

We all know what this is. this gets you to sub-sections of the planet your on or vice versa in three days.

*Base system*
This system allows androids to never fatigue in battles or sparrs increasing the chance of winning in some cases.

This ability allows you to predict sneak attacks that might happen to you while traveling the universe.

*Ki snuff*
This ability simply lessens the effect of some attacks but not many.

This ability allows you to absorb henchmen and add their PL to yours. They have to be within 30,000PL for it to work though. If any of your henchmen get assimilated the are sent to the ND and can't come back until they go through 8 training sessions. also they lose all their PL(start at 1,000PL).

This is an ability used to distract your opponent while in battle or in a spar.

*Realm jump*
This allows you to travel to the other realms(Earth, ND, HFIL). If you learn this and want to go to HELL you must first travel to the ND then travel to HELL. If you want to go to Earth you must first travel to HELL. Also be cautious of this move(dragonballs will kill you if in other realm)
This move gives you 25% of your opponents pl and 10%of there sp. but you must be at the same speed and pl as them or stronger to eat them after the battle the gurgitated carcase goes to hfil
*Hyper Form*
this is a move that will grant anyone the capability to enhance themselves boosting their pl to double their base amout of pl

*Just so everyone knows, you get an extra 1,000PL than normal training if your in HFIL.

I DARE YOU TO LEARN THEM ALL! Who knows... a prize may be awarded someday for doing so.