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Trunks' totally sweet DBZ/GT RPG
The Devistators


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Alliances: the outlaws
Enemys: prime evil
Leader: Brolly
Members: 4 members
Home Planet: yardrat
Status: no status yet
Updater: janemba

Name: Brolly
PL: 54,050
MaxPL: 108,100(Oozaru)
SP: 169
Forms: Oozaru(6 to go)
Moves: Ki blast, Legend beam, Realm jump,
Zanos: 9500
Items: Royal saya-jin armor ,DB Radar, Scouter, saya-jin space pod, Royal saya-jin armor(EQP), saya-jin armor, Chi Chi's Tea
Location: Kami's lookout
Action: resting
Started on:11/27
Finishes on: 12/4

Brolly's servant : ermac
PL: 7000
MaxPL: 7000
SP: 20
Forms: none
moves: ki blast, rapid ki
Zanos: 0
Items: dragon stick,
Location: Earth, goku's grotto
Action: Resting
Started on:12/6
Finishes on: 12/13

Name: King Vegeta
PL: 100,462
MaxPL: 200,924(Oozaru)
SP: 130
Forms: Oozaru
Moves: Ki blast, Big bang
Zanos: none
Items: 1 radar capsule, Space pod, Healing Ship, Ginyu armor(EQP)
Location: Namek, Dende's stream
Action: training in ship
Started on:12/2
Finishes on: 12/22

King Vegeta's servant: Peter
PL: 2,000
MaxPL: 2,000
SP: 30
Forms: none
Moves: Ki blast, Rapid ki
Zanos: 0
Items: none
Location: Namek, Dende's stream
Action: searching for stream water
Started on:12/2
Finishes on:12/22



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